Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Return to Kolkata

I discovered this gem on the web. An excellent resource for folks who want to return to India after having made their money abroad. Now, wouldn't that be fun ?

I would wake up in the morning, take my leisurely stroll through the bazaar, discourage all the babus trying to rush to office over the evils of capitalism, buy fresh ruhi, illish, katla or else fresh murgi, khashi, come back home, take a bath, pour Shower to Shower powder all over myself. Then it will be time to eat lunch and then slap on a pair of clean starched pajama and fotua and go to work. Then a easy day would pass me by. I would discuss all sorts of dirty PNPC. Drowse for a bit at my desk. Bark away folks who want me to get some work done. Finally time to go home. Shoot the breeze with folks on the parar mor over a khuri cup of hot tea. Then go home. Blame the weather. Blame the loadshedding. Blame everyone on planet earth (excluding myself). Watch some TV. Barir jhi-ke haat pa tipe dite bolbo. Nahole ghamachi chulke dite bolbo. Else another bath and more Shower to Shower. Then slowly descend into the laps of a sound sleep chewing some paan and paan parag. Phew !! Another successfully unsuccessful day gone in the life of Bengali Guy.

Isn't it strange ? The very work culture that I hate is why I want to return to Kolkata. And why I HATE Bangalore. Oh, the gnomes of Bangalore. May they rot in hell. I want kolkata, no work, all pleasure and a lot of adda.

Update: No more jhis and chakors. This is the end of an era. Hope the about to be unemployed manage to get a good future.

Bangla Cinema

I did not know about the amount of bengali movies available online. A friend pointed me out to this site which has a large cache of movies. He also showed me another site and yet another site. But they are closed to new members.

Apologies for the long gap. I was incredibly busy with life, as one should be :-)