Sunday, June 21, 2009

NRI's frequency of visiting India

I was booking travel the other day when the agent asked me, "How frequently do you visit India ?" Amazingly, I had trouble recounting the number even though quite a lot of planning and anticipation goes on around these occasions. Anyway I counted later and here are the number of round trip tickets we bought for our family over the last 5 years :

2004 - 3 RoundTrips
2005 - 2.5 RTs
2006 - 2 RTs
2007 - none
2008 - 3 RTs
2009 - 2 RTs.

Grand Total of 13 round trips at US$1500 a pop = US$19,500 on airfare alone. Just for comparison's sake that would be equal to about 7 Las Vegas vacations if we were to stick to the same spending habits in Sin City !


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