Monday, November 05, 2007

Kolkata Health & Fitness

Every morning is witness to thousands of people flocking to the Calcutta Maidan for their health and fitness. Smaller parks in smaller suburbs similarly suffer under the stomping masses who claim to attain salvation through their pursuit of a long healthy life.

I say, stop it. Yes, stop it. And join the RamaKrishna Mission instead. Let us look at their presidents.

Along with the great work they do, the monks have been able to defy that most persistent of enemies : TIME. That too in the pollution ridden squalor of India & Kolkata where standards of medical care are abysmal at best. By a living a long wide margin of 20 full years more than the ordinary citizen, they have proved that faith does indeed plays an important part in longevity. But there could be selection bias also. Baring one exception, the presidents do seem to be in an increasing order of age which could mean that seniority is certainly a factor in promotion. Well, I was very sad to hear the 14th president pass away today. RKM is certainly one of the most amazing organizations around. They have been serving the needy for more than 100years, yet they are conspicuous by their absence from all usual references to India.



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