Friday, December 23, 2005

Basic Instincts

This was on the wire a couple of days ago :

To summarize

1. Parents who have lost kids to the tsunami are desperate to have kids
2. Wives are undergoing recanalization
3. Husbands will divorce wives and marry younger girls if current wives cannot conceive.
4. Folks want double, triple or 4 times the number of kids they had before, as insurance against losing kids again.

The future :

1. A great number of miscarriages. Medical research proves that the more stressed the mother, the greater the likelihood of miscarriage.
2. These people were already at or below the poverty line even before the tsunami. Now that they are a lot worse off, how will they feed their children ? - and to top that they want to have even more children than before ! In all likelihood, they will probably lose many to disease, malnutrition, poverty or child trafficking.
3. The tsunami killed mostly women and children. Therefore there is already a scarcity of women. Outside their community, where will they get young women to marry hapless men who have lost everything to the tsunami ?
4. Maybe #3 above will cap the number of divorced/abandoned women. Dishonest menfolk will go for younger women every chance they get - especially now that they can easily blame women for being infertile.

Noone's envy, misery's pride.


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